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 Bleach Manga 367 Breakdown + Discussion: The enemy of your enemy is temporarily your friend.

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Chairman Kaga (会長加賀)
Akatsuki - Uchiha Madara
Akatsuki - Uchiha Madara
Chairman Kaga (会長加賀)

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PostSubject: Bleach Manga 367 Breakdown + Discussion: The enemy of your enemy is temporarily your friend.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:15 am

Another great bleach episode this week!

The first two panels on page one really had my hopes high, high that Aizen’s smug face would have soon become perfect as a pez dispenser, mayhap that’s the solution needed to make those damn dispenser’s easier to load! However things don’t always go to plan as a blade appears right above Shinji’s eye, almost succeeding in making his cranium get a new job as a top hat.

Shinji thinking *Thank God i took off the mask... yep sarcasm at myself in my own mind...*

We learn that the blade belongs to Tosen, while Shinji does a wide eyed, back bending dodge. Shinji then retreats back a few paces while Tosen likes to state the obvious fact that he missed *insert ‘that’s what she said’ comment as desired* killing Shinji.

Shinji: "Well that's the last time i ever tell a guy he's got a nice ass" O_O

After a little taunting by Shinji and some arrogant remarks by Tosen, Komamura (dogman) steps in to stop Tosen in his tracks. We hear some palpable comments from dogman who states that he’s here to help, yeah like we hadn’t all ready worked that out [sigh]. A little chat ensues between dogman and Shinji before we flash over to Soi Fon, who seems less than impressed at what dogman is doing.

The talking dog, hopefully it will expalin why they walk in circles before laying down!

Little teapot also looks a little weary, lets just hope somebody doesn’t attack with warm milk or he’ll be taking his afternoon nap Razz . Harribel charges to attack little teapot, and for a single panel I had hope that mayhap he would be disembowelled, decapitated or destroyed.

However Tite dashes my hopes with the arrival of Lisa and Hiyori. We get a nice Harribel fan service panel before Hiyori states that she doesn’t really want to help the Gotei 13 but this isn’t the time for that now, so they might as well – somebody needs to show those conceited captains that they still need help!

Hachi has chosen Barragan as his opponent while Soi Fon seems very ungrateful for the assistance. Out of all the Gotei 13, doesn’t she really need the most assistance? Only one arm, her Ban Kai is useless and so is Omeada, seems like she would soon have joined Ukitake if not for Hachi.

Kensei finishes off the last Gillian and gives Mashiro the option of killing Super Chunky instead. She seems pretty happy at this and rushes off to do it. Rose craps on for a bit about humanity’s bad habits before Love thankfully shuts him up, it would seem Love and Rose are gonna take on Stark. After Stark cautions them about removing their masks, Love then remarks that they are ‘super heroes’ so the hollow mask only lasts 3 minutes, personally I think it’s a bluff, what about you guys?

Mashiro rushes over to Wonderweiss, before super mashiro kicking the hell out of Super Chunky. This leaves Wonderweiss with a shocked expression as what is hopefully blood, not fat, raining down around them.

Finally we return to dogman. He says, in a disappointed expression, that he never thought there would be a time when he would have to protect others from Tosen’s blade, while Tosen responds that he knew they would cross swords one day. Just as Tosen is about to attack, his former Vice Captain, Hisagi, steps in for a piece of the action with dogman. That ends the chapter and we are left with the line ‘former friends and team mates cross swords’ which needs no explanation as to what’s gonna go down next week.

Thus we are left with the battle line ups of:

Stark Vs Love and Rose

Tosen Vs Komamura and Hisagi

Harribel Vs Lisa and Hiyori (possible support from Toshirou)

Barragan Vs Hachi (possible support from Omeada and Soi Fon, but doubtful)

Wonderweiss Vs Mashiro (I think this has a high probability)

Aizen Vs Shinji (hopefully this one continues)

Gin Vs Kensei (being the only two left, I think this fight will go down)

What are your thoughts, who’s gonna own, who’s gonna get owned?! Cant wait for the next week's episode!
As always, post your thoughts!
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Academy Student (アカデミ ーの学生)
Academy Student (アカデミ ーの学生)

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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Manga 367 Breakdown + Discussion: The enemy of your enemy is temporarily your friend.   Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:39 am

Nice breakdown chairman!

Cant wait till the next episode!
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Bleach Manga 367 Breakdown + Discussion: The enemy of your enemy is temporarily your friend.
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