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 Browser Based Games!!!

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Akatsuki - Uchiha Itachi
Akatsuki - Uchiha Itachi

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Browser Based Games!!! Empty
PostSubject: Browser Based Games!!!   Browser Based Games!!! EmptyWed Aug 05, 2009 6:48 am

Post here any Browser Based Games (BBG) that you know and you like.!!!

There is a massive number of games available online that are browser based.

Efficient for us Call Center Agents as we don't need to concentrate on the game every second. Unlike MMORPG

Share it to your friends and even invite them to play with you.!!!

Post the game name, your IGN (in-game name), server, and Guild or Alliance (if you have one)

I'll start

Game: Freesky Online
IGN: PyroMania
Server: 2-4 Elysium, 3-3 Poseidon
Alliance: King of Kings, None

i'll only post this one as i mostly play this game..!!!

Hope you gamers enjoy!!!
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Academy Student (アカデミ ーの学生)
Academy Student (アカデミ ーの学生)

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Browser Based Games!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Browser Based Games!!!   Browser Based Games!!! EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 5:07 am

im not into games, really.
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Browser Based Games!!!
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